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2012 Checklist

I tend to procrastinate and “forget” things. So I’m posting the new 2012 Checklist on this blog as a reminder. The 2012 Checklist is a combo of the 2011 and 2012 Belle de Jour Checklist plus my own stuff I need to do before the year ends. The edited list is divided into different sections: Self, Friends, Love, Culture, Fashion, Wellness/Fitness and Nature/Environment.

I’m crossing my fingers that I will accomplish some, if not most, of the goals listed below before the year ends.¬†


1. go to one place you’ve always wanted to go but never been

2. celebrate your birthday and make growing older special

3. once a month, have a date with yourself

4. be generous this year

5. give something away every time you get something new (I’ve bartered some of my dress and top for new ones with a friend. Thanks Mommy Nine!)


6. rekindle ties with a friend you lost touch with

7. phone a friend just because you miss him/her

8. write a snail mail to a friend

9. make a friend’s birthday extra special

10. do something nice for someone who will never find out

11. be a member of the audience in a TV show

12. go to Oslob for the whale-shark-watching


13. plan a really special date

14. get to know your beautiful stranger

15. tell someone you love him/her


16. travel solo

17. set foot in a different region

18. watch a foreign language movie

19. watch a sports game live


20. edit your wardrobe at least once, keeping only the things you love to wear

21. never repeat outfits for an entire month

22. try one trend and wear it with ease

23. go for a 30-day Postura challenge

24. own a pair of high heels (I have Michelley/Cookie to thank for this.)


25. go to the gym (In progress.)

26. if you’re a smoker, quit, if you aren’t, keep it that way (I don’t smoke, thank you.)

27. try wind-surfing

28. treat yourself to a spa retreat(I had a foot massage early this week at Spa Del Mar.)

29. lose the last 10 pounds

30. spend one evening a week without watching TV or using a PC

31. use the stairs instead of the elevators (When you work in a hotel that has 22 floors, you will get the hang of using the stairs to save time.)


32. make it a habit to bring your own shopping bag (I always do especially if I’m shopping for my stocks to sell online.)

33. on a clear day, go outside and lie on the grass

34. pick up someone else’s trash

35. climb a mountain

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